Kaspersky Internet Security – Security with Solid Features

Despite the advancement in technology, digital threats and fresh security dangers also emerge and steadily growing. With this, you computer is far from being safe from these security dangers as you do online banking, shopping or even simply browsing the internet.

However, you are safe if you equipped your computer system with Kaspersky Internet Security as this internet security software features extensive internet security like firewall, email scanner, parental controls, virus scanner, popup blocker and many more. Kaspersky Internet Security has loads of excellent security features. The succeeding paragraphs discloses behind the superlative features of this security software.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security


Kaspersky features a straightforward configuration with instinctive menu screen plus efficient sub-menus. Scan options were divided into different category that enables you to execute configuration adjustments while some scans are progressing.
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iYogi Personal Tech-Support Software – Standout Help Features

If you have a computer, problems are unavoidable especially in installing latest updates or simply browsing the internet. However, you are aided in managing these problems by using iYOgi, personal tech-support software created to help computer users that constantly run with computer problems and wanted prompt help in 24/7. The tech-support software provides the needed help free from hassle. Notably, the software has over 200,000 yearly users with over 4,500 experts readily available to answer any queries you might have.

iYogi personal tech-support software

iYogi personal tech-support software

iYogi personal tech-support software is renowned for their goal of building good reputation by helping computer users remove their stress and aggravation in handling computer problems. Also, the software works with Microsoft software and is capable of troubleshooting problems related to Microsoft operating system. Read on how iYogi tech-support software works in helping you deal your PC problems.


The software features a Smart PC Care services which effectively helps in removing unnecessary and unused information saved onto your PC. Moreover, if you have multiple PC at home, the HomeNet Manager feature will surely help you in setting up several networks of your PC system in straightforward step-by-step process.

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PureSight PC 2011 – Makes Internet Safe for Kids

The internet is far from being the safest place for your children with dangers just lurking around the corners. As technology develops, internet threats have also evolved and with PureSight PC 2011 internet-filtering software, you are protecting your kids from these threats.

PureSight PC 2011

PureSight PC 2011

Pornography is the common internet threat that kids easily encounter online on IM and chat programs. These venues are significantly tricky because these are geared towards the individual child. Aside from pornography, cyber-bullying is now the trend which is not just disturbing but damaging as well.

Thus, PureSight PC internet-filtering software provides multiple protection level including complex feature like chat inspection that consistently provide maximum protection. Read on how this internet-filtering software works in protecting your child online.

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Flash-related Problem and Installing Adobe flash on Ipad

Since the launching of iPad in the mobile digital market, it received both good and bad comments. Apple created iPad with the intention to change how computing used to be, elevating it to a higher digital experience. Granted, majority warmly welcomed the iPad into their collection of mobile computing devices.

Install Adobe Flash on iPad

Install Adobe Flash on iPad

There is plenty of reason why many love the iPad making it very popular. But, what I saw as the primary reason for its popularity is that the device offers well-defined functional applications and user-friendly interface. And although the device had a decent hard drive, it is capable of doing all the functions needed by traditional computer users. Moreover, the device boosts over a clean and blazing-fast operating system, functional touch screen with pop-up keyboard and highlights media usage making it very famous among users.

However, iPad is far from a perfect device and you need to see the other side of the story. Many are expecting high with this latest creation from Apple but it was very apparent that the device is ranked in between the iPhone and laptop. It seems like a giant version of iPhone that is not capable of making calls and the list go on as far as limitation is concerned. For instance, the absence of flash has been a staple among Apple’s mobile devices like iPad. You might wonder- why does Apple not install flash on iPad?

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